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Our services

  • Fully advise you on any work/ works required to bring your property up to full compliance, maintaining condition and so on to reduce voids

  • Organise any maintenance and cleaning 

  • Keeping track on regular visits to inspect the property

  • Be the point of contact with tenants queries 

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House Of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) Management

The work involved in managing an HMO, as you will know if you own one, is considerably higher than managing a single let since you’re managing more than one tenancy agreement and usually more tenants.  Also the knowledge to find and vet tenants is more specialised, due to the fact that tenants are more likely to move-on.

We find our ability to closely manage rental accounts and maintenance issues, means we are able to manage the extra time and cost involved.   We charge 14% + VAT for HMO management.

If you currently have a HMO or are looking to source your first or next HMO we are here to assist every step of the way from checking a properties eligibility in line with current HMO licensing legislation all the way through to , assisting with Furniture package suppliers and contractors who can assist with the conversion.

Our management and rental teams again will deal with any issues and queries from the tenants.

If you have queries about how we would manage your HMO or find you a tenant, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Full Management

Our Full Management service provides you with complete peace of mind. From finding reliable tenants to ensuring all legal compliance is met, we will cover every aspect of letting your property.

Our experienced staff will arrange and conduct all viewings on your behalf as well as ensure all tenancy referencing and credit checks are completely and formally documented to ensure you remain compliant. We will draw up a suitable tenancy agreement and will ensure a full video inventory is taken before the tenant moves in

Once the tenant has moved in, we will ensure rent is collected monthly and regular photographic inspections will be conducted to ensure your investment is protected for the future. We will also advise and arrange any repairs that may be necessary and will handle the complete end of tenancy process.

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Letting And Rent Collection

If you’re happy to handle the day-to-day maintenance and management of your property but want to take away the stress of collecting rents, then you may be interested in our rent collection service

We will ensure your rental valuation reflects the current marketplace, and will help to source a reliable tenant for your property. We can arrange viewings and will ensure a suitable tenancy agreement is signed by both yourself and your tenant. We will ensure that a full video inventory is conducted before a tenant moves in, and once they have moved in we will collect their rent on a monthly basis.

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Tenant Find Only

If you’re a hands-on landlord and prefer to handle the day to day management of your property yourself, we can slot in and help where you may need it most with our Tenant Find Only service.

We can help you to set the right monthly rental price to attract reliable tenants, and once they have been fully referenced and have had a credit check, we will leave the daily management to you.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

Own satisfaction is better than success, Because success is a measure decided by others, While satisfaction is a measure decided by us.